against wall viewing the (2016)


viewing against the wall against the viewing wall

Wall Hook #5

“We see because our sight is obstructed. If one could see perfectly through the wall one could not see the wall.”

Three pieces of artwork have fallen off the wall. They appear to have been hanging for a long time before the hooks wore off and gave way. These metal hooks are a crucial part of the artwork. They appear as if they were unable to sustain the weight of the pieces. Rusted, they leave trails of the works’ descent toward the ground. And on the wall where they used to hang, we see now, exposed, the traces of marks left from previous exhibitions. These three pieces now lie on the ground together, intermingled. Each of their distinct parts still observable despite the mess.

Were they? The title of this work is jumbled up. That’s why – “against wall viewing the” – is written the way it is.

Found Materials:

– Fresh steel dust, swept from the floor of the metal workshop, collected on the morning of the setup day
– Six zine-plated steel screws from the door of the metal workshop’s washroom
– Water from the gallery’s tap
– Oxygen in the air
– Three artworks

Instruction for the artwork:

Steel Powder: Sprinkle on any spilled water to create rust pattern.

Resolution of the artwork:

The sticker label with artist’s name and artwork’s title did not fall off from the wall.



Wall Hook #4 & #3
Wall Hook #2
Wall Hook #1 & missing #5
Wall Hook #6
Rusty Mess






‘Cruel White Walls’
Fallen piece #1. Molten mild steel via Gas metal arc welding process, dripped onto the ground, along with a found clothes hanger.
Fallen piece #2. Leftover Slag from Oxy-acetylene cutting process on mild steel, coated with non-yellowing casting resin to prevent rust.


Fallen piece #3, Welded deposits of stainless steel into mild steel via Shielded metal arc welding process.



Untapped Emerging 2016
by Visual Arts Development Association
Shophouse5, Singapore
4th – 26th June 2016

VADA (Visual Arts Development Association) is proud to present the inaugural exhibition of UNTAPPED EMERGING. The exhibition features nine up-and-coming, Singapore-based artists. Hand-picked by the UNTAPPED Advisory Committee, these nine artists present work in a notably diverse selection of media including metalwork, cross stitch, paper cut, photography, charcoal, new media and painting.

Advisory Committee Member Martin Constable (Assistant Professor, School of Art Design and Media, NTU) says of the programme, “As an ‘older’ artist and a teacher, one inevitably develops an engaged concern for the up and coming generation of creatives. Their world is different to the one that we grew up in; its frames of reference are different as are its terms of success. What young artists need is room for these differences to flourish, and such room is not always so easy to come by. We hope that our art schools could serve this purpose, but even the best art school is a compromise between the needs of the institution and those of its students. The most exciting, and perhaps the toughest, growing environment for any young artist is the gallery. Upon its cruel white walls, work either sinks or swims. For the experience to be valid, it must be allowed to do either, and this is at the heart of VADA’s purpose. In making their selections, the judges were very reassured by the scope of work that was submitted. Clearly our future is in good hands.”

Viewing at Shophouse5, 5 Lor 24A Geylang, Singapore


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