Before I forget…

these are just some recordings of past exhibitions. Although it will be easier to trace the works this way, it is never the same if you know the artists personally…

Here we go… 🙂

2019 Mar - The only paradise is paradise lost, Stamford Arts Centre, Singapore

           Presented Work: 
           Untitled (Galvanised Iron Sheets), 2019

           -> Gallery Map
           -> Event Page
           ---> Personal Insight, Ining's one take video
           ---> Personal Insight, Zul's " it lulls"
           ---> Personal Insight, Jiexiao - 随风而锒铛
           ---> Personal Insight, Friends' photos
2018 Jan - RAID, Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) Be Still, 2018
           2) Still, lights, 2018
           3) Breathe, Still, 2018
           4) Still there, chasing after the wind, 2018
           ->   Gallery Map
           ---> Strange Bedfellows: Art Finds Itself in Odd Places, Bruce Quek and Chloe Ho, Art Republik
           ---> Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter, Art in a dark, dusty, damp place, Teo Wen Li, The Strait Times
           ---> Art goes underground at historical air raid shelter, The Straits Times
           ---> Drawing on air raid shelter's unique space for art show, Benjamin Seetor, The Strait Times
           ---> Historic and untouched Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter to open to public for art exhibition, Reena Devi, Yahoo! Lifestyle
           ---> 中峇鲁防空壕第一个艺术展,黄向京,联合早报
           ---> Video Documentation, Raj Nadarajan, Today
           ---> Personal Insight, 75gramsofpaintings
           ---> Personal Insight, Bak Chor Mee Boy
           ---> Personal Insight, twentyse7enframes : motionstills production
           ---> Event Coverage, Haryani Ismail, Berita Harian
           ---> Event Coverage, Art Radar 
           ---> Event Coverage, Coconuts Singapore
           ---> Event Coverage, The Smart Locals
2017 Sep - First Solo Exhibition, Young Talent Programme, ION Art Gallery, Singapore
           Free Ripe Food Rots Fast
           Curated by Seah Tzi-Yan

           Presented Work:
           1) Naked Potato (), 2017
           2) Rice to Dust Cracker, 2017
           3) Untitled (Galvanised Steel Bars), 2017
           4) Pink Flesh, Dead Muscle, 2017
           5) Foiled, 2017
           6) The Effect of Thursday and Turmeric, 2017
           7) Soap Skin, 2017
           8) Smell of Laundry, 2017
           ->   Curator's Note, Young Talent Programme
           ---> Video Documentation on Opening day, Artist Singapore
           ---> Event Coverage, Artist Singapore
           ---> Personal Insight, 75gramsofpainting
           ---> Event Coverage, The Active Age
           ---> “She humorously replied: “You can make it yourself!”, AM Collective
           ---> Event Coverage, NAOROCOCO
           ---> Event Coverage, H Diary SG Blog
2016 Nov - Young Talent Programme, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) Naked Potato; Sweet Naked Potato (II), 2016
              Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Potatoes, Installation
           ->   Brochure, Affordable Art Fair
           ---> Personal Insight, Ining's Photos
           ---> 4 Reasons to Visit the Affordable Art Fair Even if you are not buying Art (Yet), Grace Hong, Art Hop
           ---> Young Talent Programme (YTP) 2016/17, ION Orchard
           ---> Spotlight from the Singapore's Young Talent Programme 2016/2017, Affordable Art Fair
2016 Sep - NPE Print and Communication Residency
           Research: Untitled (Flashbacks), 2016, Drawings and Prints

           ---> Personal Insight, Ining's Photos
2016 Jul - Untapped Emerging, Visual Arts Development Association, Shophouse 5, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) against wall viewing the, 2016, 
              Mild Steel, Rust, Screws, Water
           ---> First Look: UNTAPPED EMERGING 2016, Junni Chen, Art Hop
           ---> Personal Insight, Ining's Photos
2016 Mar - OH! Potong Pasir, OH! Open House, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) Pock Pock Rock, 2016
              Found Rubbles, Solenoids, Site-Specific Installation
           ->   Map & Brochure, OH! Open House
           ---> Personal Insight, Ining's Photos
           ---> Doors are open: Explore Potong Pasir and Wessex Estate with artists, Mayo Martin, Today
           ---> OH! Potong Pasir: Now you see it, now you don't, Wan Ting Koh, The Middle Ground
           ---> OH! Potong Pasir will take you on an aesthetic trip into the neighbourhood's days of future past, Coconuts Singapore
2016 Jan - Dancing On the Spot, Mettle Work, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) The Window is Closer, 2016
              Motor, Mild Steel, Installation
           ---> Seni sana sini meski di kilang besi (Art here and there even if it’s in steel factory), Berita Harian
           ---> Curation on 'Dancing on the Spot'
           ---> Personal Insight, Friends' Photos
2015 Oct - C. 2015 - , Noise Singapore The Apprenticeship Programme, Objectifs, Chapel Gallery, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) Bare Steel, Snow Blanket, 2015
              Mild Steel, Refrigerator System
           ->   Winner of Noise Singapore Award, Noise Singapore
           ->   Noise Interview, Noise Magazine
           ---> Hour At the Musuem: C. 2015, Nabilah Said, The Straits Times
           ---> Personal Insight, Friends' photos
2015 Jun - Seeing them Differently in Metalworking, Flaneur Gallery, Singapore
           Presented Work: 
           1) Naked Potato (I), 2015
              Mild Steel and Potatoes, Sculpture
           ->   Press Release, Flaneur Gallery
           ->   Personal Insight, Friends' photos
2011 - minimART 1.0, Substation, Singapore
          Presented Work:
          1) Matter of Time: The Transitivity of the Verbs in Sculpture Making

          ->   Main Website, minimART
          ->   Event Coverage, minimART
          ---> Personal Insight, Friends' Photo
2011 - Graduation Show, School of Art, Design and Media, Old School Gallery, Singapore
          Presented Work:
          1) Matter of Time: The Transitivity of the Verbs in Sculpture Making

          -> Graduate Thesis, NTU
2010 - Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, MIT Museum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA
          Game Designer

          -> Play the Game, GAMBIT
          -> Trailer, GAMBIT  
          -> Documentation, GAMBIT
          ---> Personal insight, Friends' photo
          -> Archive, Game for Change
          -> Interview, MIT News    
          -> Elude: Gaming as the opposite of Play, Pulse + Signal
          -> Educational Material for Serious Game Analysis IMGD 4600, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
          -> Analysis, Gregory Moore and Sam Rogers, Worcester Polytecnic Institute
          -> Thought on Shorts: Elude, Nightmare Mode
          -> A Platform for creativity: the rise of indie adventure game, GamesTM
          -> Educational Material, Thot Cursus
          -> Preview, Serious Game Classification
          -> Preview, Games for Change
          -> MIT Gambit's "Elude" and half-baked procedural rhetoric, Radiator Design Blog
          -> Most Meaningful, Meaningful Play Conference 2010
          -> Another 20 games that make you think about life, Casual Girl Gamer